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HighCloud Solutions Staffing Services

Our staffing services are centered around people. We believe in people who can apply technology. We believe in providing you the highly skilled talent and the passive talent that can create a positive difference to your organization. With our strategic tie up with organizations and our advanced sourcing techniques we bridge the talent gaps. HighCloudTM understands business goals and targets of large, medium, and small organizations. With our staffing strategies, we provide you people that have the right skills and competencies.

HighCloudTM understands that IT staffing is crucial for your critical IT projects. In fact, more than the physical capital, we believe that the human capital is a more valuable asset. The human capital determines your ability to compete and grow. But, to find the right IT talent it takes a lot of time, persistence, and extensive knowledge of the technology marketplace. HighCloudTM has it all. As a name to reckon with in the IT staffing industry, we have specialized in providing flexi and permanent staffing for the ever changing business climate.

Staying ahead of changes in the industry and technology gives companies a competitive advantage. While upgrading to newer technologies empowers a company, having a robust workforce ensures that it achieves its business targets. It is imperative that an organization gets quality hires and for this IT heads need strategic tie ups.

Though recruitment volumes are on the rise, it has become complicated to get the best talent. Organizations grapple with new and complex talent pipelining solutions seeking talent pools from social professional networks, internet job boards, resume databases, and employee referral programs. Yet, most of the passive talent remains untapped.

  • Client analysis.
  • Screening and selection of the candidate
  • Benchmarking of rates and compensation.
  • Direct and contract placement onboarding.
  • Branding of the Employer.
  • Performance management.
  • Workforce Strategies.
  • Sourcing of Talent.
  • Training.

Recruitment Process

When it comes to recruiting for our clients, we offer only the best candidates with the required skills. We ensure that the candidates provided fit into your scheme of things and adjust to your work culture immediately. Our well trained human resource professionals first put efforts to understand your organization and its work culture.

Once we have an idea about your company, its work environment and the job requirement, we launch a full fledged recruitment process. Our trained HR professionals would then search for the best candidates from the vast database of resumes we have. To find the best talent, we deploy different kinds of strategies for every sector. For IT recruitments, we have a different sourcing strategy as against other sectors.

After candidates are identified, we undertake a unique and extensive screening process. The candidates are evaluated and interviewed. Their skill sets are evaluated with respect to the job requirements by a special process devised by HighCloudTM . Reference checks and background checks are then conducted for IT and other executive positions upon request for every client.

By adhering to these processes of screening and skill testing we provide qualified, skilled and competent talent to clients. Moreover, these processes are conducted as per the requirements and the specifications of every client. Also, in cases when confidentiality is to be maintained with respect to the recruitment process, we take the necessary measures.


HighCloud Solutions staffing consulting services specializes in multiple sectors including Quality Assurance, Project Management, and IT sectors. We work mutually with clients and candidates to provide the right talent to organizations and placements to candidates.

Our vast experience in staffing and our in depth understanding of workforce trends allow us to provide talent that adds value to organizations. Committed to excellence in service and consulting, HighCloudTM provides seamless integration of staffing solutions. We are strategic partners to organizations and provide them extensive staffing consulting for their temporary and permanent staffing needs.

Our long-term association with various clients, and our growing network of workforce enables us to cater to both staffing and job requirements of clients and the workforce.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Our services and consulting are oriented to an organization’s work culture, and philosophy. For this, we analyze the organization’s structure and its work environment in order to provide cutting edge consulting.
  • Organizations have evolving and changing requirements. So, HighCloudTM aligns its consulting as per the organization’s shifting focus and shifting talent requirements.
  • Provide consulting for an organization’s temporary and permanent staffing needs. We ensure that there is labor force flexibility for an organization to cope with skill set shortcomings and changing markets.
  • We align our staffing solutions for direct hire placement by providing guidelines for direct placement. We oversee the interview process and ensure that an organization is satisfied throughout the onboarding process.
  • For an organization’s temporary staffing needs, we utilize our database of skilled and qualified candidates so urgent staffing needs are met.

Direct Hire Placements:

Direct hire placements aim at long term relationships, a relationship between highly qualified professionals and the organization. That’s why many organizations feel that hiring a full time professional is a daunting task. To eliminate any kind of guesswork and speculation that can lead to many uncomfortable work situations, HighCloudTM believes in investing in time to find the right candidate and to take informed hiring decisions.

In order to know the candidates at a personal level, we have long term relationships with candidates. That’s why we find the right candidate for you. We have a talent pool that has been tested, screened, and sorted through. With a holistic view of the candidates, organizations can be confident with our direct hire placement services. HighCloudTM believes in creating customized recruiting solutions for every company.

HighCloudTM offers career advice to candidates when it comes to long term careers. Candidates have to constantly review their careers with the adjustments and changing situations in life and know what they enjoy doing with the changing circumstances. We help them take positive career decisions and guide them through the process of transition. We provide candidates with a wide variety of career opportunities. They can explore direct hire services with confidentiality without jeopardizing the current position. We provide them career opportunities right from entry level positions to top managerial positions. HighCloudTM helps candidates gain a satisfactory career.