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Enterprise Applications

At the core of any company’s IT structure there are many enterprise applications. This core is often put to rigorous test with changing technologies. Organizations have to upgrade themselves constantly in order to gain business advantage. For this, companies need to have an enterprise roadmap to see that they are aligned in the right direction and do not incur heavy expenses for implementation of newer technologies.

Planning enterprise applications that can give organizations a preparedness for future business along with risk mitigation, and predictability requires enterprise resource planning, application management services, financial and human capital management, and an in depth understanding of core business operations in order to provide solutions that are tailored for an organization and is appropriate for the industry.

HighCloud Solutions association with all major ERP platforms allows it to be placed at an advantageous position to provide expertise for all enterprise applications. Our enterprise application solutions help transform business and their IT structures to improve operational efficiencies, accelerate workflows, and increase customer engagement. We help you optimize your business processes, provide value addition along the entire enterprise chain and help you with better decision making.

Our enterprise application solutions add intelligence to the entire enterprise chain by incorporating smart applications that are aware and intelligent enough to adapt to multiple business situations. We design enterprise applications which are responsive irrespective of the platform. Our emphasis is on delivering applications that contextualize data and provide decision making data to the end user. This requires analyzing numerous events in the real time and a domain expertise to provide solutions. HighCloudTM has both of it along with vast experience in handling numerous projects successfully.

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In competitive business environments, there is constant evolution of new products, technologies, and software. The success of these depends upon quicker product or software release times. Companies should constantly launch software with newer features and better user experience at lesser costs to stay in markets. At HighCloudTM we leverage the unique advantage of our transformation solutions and our experience for successful software development.

HighCloudTM Advantages:

  • Shorter software development lifecycles
  • Quicker time to market
  • Reduced costs
  • Better reach

HighCloudTM has a great team of developers who take different approaches depending upon the requirement, need, and project considerations. We strive to offer structured business solutions. At HighCloudTM a typical software development lifecycle is staged in the following manner

  • Problematizing and analyzing
  • Market Research
  • Requirement gathering
  • Devising a software based solution
  • Implementation / Coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Bug fixing and maintenance

HighCloudTM has a team of experts who have great expertise in market research and planning. We transform the abstract idea of customers into efficient business solutions. Our skilled and experienced software development engineers ensure the competencies of all functionalities and help reduce costs. Once the requirement analysis is done and the planning for the software development is done our engineers come with both the high level and low level designs required for the development. At the implementation level our software engineers meticulously program the code of the project and is then sent for testing. HighCloudTM ensures that codes are tested properly before their approval for release.

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Website Development

HighCloudTM has vast experience in providing highly functional and usable websites that cater to your business needs. We have an experienced team for design, development and maintenance of websites. Over the years, we have created a wide variety of websites for varied businesses on different platforms.

We believe that the role of a web developer is not just crafting a website, but presenting a great corporate identity on the digital front. Effective website designs not only redefine your business, they tend to project a competent digital image. Our professional and experienced team of web developers use advanced and key features of web development tools across all platforms and can be used in numerous domains.

With an in depth understanding of web development tools, we have successfully executed many complex web development projects. We also provide complete back end and front end development based on industry trends and latest technologies.

Why HighCloudTM for Web Development

  • Professionally styled websites with visual appeal and color compatibility.
  • Proper Space usage.
  • Distinct corporate identity.
  • We provide great user friendly interface despite the complexity of the core functions.
  • Easy to use and simple navigational schemes.
  • Maintain standards of accessibility.
  • Expertise in back end programming.
  • Expertise in back end programming.

HighCloudTM focus throughout the web development project is to implement the client’s business web strategy efficiently.

Testing Services:

As the application landscape turns more and more complex, the experience of the end user is one thing that clearly gives a competitive edge. So, there is need for testing environments to ensure seamless end user experience. Business process applications these days have their reach in mobile devices, media channels, smart devices, and other environments. So, the primary focus of the testing approach needs to be the customer’s experience.

HighCloudTM provides testing services that enhance quality assurance and application agility with continuous testing and test automation. Our increased focus on quality has given us the advantage of being the preferred testing partner for many companies.

Why HighCloudTM Testing Services

  • We ensure richer end user experience.
  • We emphasize on performance and security.
  • HighCloudTM reduces the costs of testing considerably.
  • Time to market is reduced.
  • Technical risks mitigated.
  • We are in tune with the disruptive trends.
  • We provide flexibility and reduce capital expenditure.
  • Optimization of application quality.