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Data Warehousing:

HighCloud Solutions provides highly business led data warehousing solutions for organizations to leverage the power of management agility with big data insights. We help organizations use their data more productively. With our business-oriented methodologies, we enable organizations to optimize accessibility of their data.

Our unique databases have the most sophisticated analytics, from advanced database analytics and intelligence in memory processing that is available to software developers, data scientists, business users, executives.

HighCloudTM data warehousing solutions provide better internal analysis because of its consistent intelligence. We provide business advantage to our customers with our integrated data warehousing technology.

Our data warehouses are built to deliver high performance, workload management, varied queries, and support your analytics. HighCloudTM enables businesses to adapt to the competitive and changing business requirements with better agility and speed. Businesses gain an advantage over competition with HighCloudTM real time insights and superior intelligence. Our real time data warehousing gives organizations the edge over competition with high performance, extreme concurrency, scalability, and speed.

Our cost effective and ready to run data warehouses provide an environment that allows fast parallel processing, agile analytics, and the scalability to process enormous volumes of data along with great database analytic capabilities.

To start off, we have data warehouses for various levels. Organizations can opt for an entry level or an enterprise level data warehouse. We also offer a hosted data center on the cloud that has a fully functional data warehouse environment. Small and medium sized organizations can now operate intelligently without the need of data center floor space and other resources.

We understand that the beginning of any business intelligence implementation is the data warehouse. Be it for the whole enterprise or for a specific department, we conceptualize and provide data warehouses that fits your requirement.

Our Services

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Integrated Data Management.
  • Managed Services.
  • Migration Services.
  • Workload Management and Performance.
  • Analytics Architecture Services.

Data Management

Data is one of the most important elements of a successful organization. When the data of an organization is properly optimized, then it has the capacity to understand customers, reduce costs, increase productivity, and generate revenue. For this data needs to be transformed into actionable and insightful information. HighCloudTM data management services and solutions does this exactly.

HighCloudTM provides data management across various platforms in a comprehensive, and consistent manner. HighCloudTM data management is consolidated across the entire enterprise to distribute master information to all analytical and operational applications. When it comes to the management of the master data, HighCloudTM data management services provide a comprehensive management system that allows to govern, cleanse, and manage the lifecycle of the master data.

We make it a point that our services are closely aligned to your applications to get a clear understanding of the key business data over multiple domains. We ensure that key business data is standardized, enriched, cleansed, and consolidated. Our data management solutions help our clients to solve issues like master data management and other unique issues. Our powerful workflows and an architecture based on big data infrastructure allows our clients to take actions on powerful business data insights.

Enhance the power of data with HighCloudTM that helps you get cleaner, and better data faster!

HighCloudTM for bigger business impact

Performance Management

Performance management is a crucial element in today’s world. There is increasingly high focus on this aspect as it involves the productivity of the entire organization. Early on, it was recognized that better usage of data is vital as this has been found to increase the productivity and performance of organizations.

We HighCloudTM provides cutting edge performance management solutions with good data usage and appropriate Business Intelligence. A data-based management involves having the information available across the organization for operational planning, fact and evidence-based decision making, and efficient flow of information through the processes.

Apart from developing an intelligent operating process, utilization of data gives an organization an edge over competition. With intelligent use of data, an organization would have predictive intelligence along with the utilization of information for data analysis and then deploy efficient business strategies.

HighCloudTM has experience working with varied business sectors and our expertise can address the unique needs of each sector and industry efficiently. After gaining complete insight into organizations’ performance, we believe that performance management can help build better corporate strategies and achieve an organization’s objectives better.

For visibility, accountability, and predictability of data and performance, come partner with HighCloudTM!