Commercial Clients

What we Offer Past Performance Clients

HighCloudTM brings extensive past performance references to each project we take on. Our experience working with commercial clients has given us a broad understanding of the application of their processes and tools, best business practices and standards, and methodologies, that we apply to our commercial customers.

Maintaining and managing IT software and systems is a large task, our commercial clients hire us to ensure they are keeping their software and company up to date with modern technology and IT solutions. Our clients hire us to deliver our multitude of IT services, so they can focus on their business.

As a small business, there are many benefits to working with our team. HighCloudTM is passionate about aiding our clients in all things IT to help them thrive and succeeded in the modern business world. We have a collective mix of tech-savvy software engineers that will work closely with your company to listen to your needs and deliver tailored solutions. When working with commercial clients, we ensure their needs are heard and that we work in accordance with their company goals and employees to deliver the highest quality work for the best value.

Our Value Proposition

  • We are nimble and open to customized solutions tailored for our customer needs
  • Our customers realized a productivity increase of 18%
  • Our customer's Salesforce implementation costs reduced by 10%
  • Superior customer support

Benefits to our Customers

  • Realize potential from major investment in Salesforce
  • Improved customer communication and relationships
  • Increased speed and agility

When working with our commercial clients, we deliver a multitude of IT services. This includes Salesforce implementation, Tableau implementation for data visualization, writing code in Python/Scala language, SQL, and connecting to various data sources. Our engineers work efficiently and effectively when delivering work to clients, ensuring our clients are maximizing the value of available IT programs and services. IT solutions need to be tailored to each individual client needs to maximize the value of software to result in improve business function, in the past, our clients have voiced their appreciation for our custom solutions.

Our size as a small business allows for us to be flexible and work closely with our commercial client’s needs. Large companies are unable to be as hands-on and flexible as our team of agile software experts.

This results in us delivering the best value on your company's schedule.

Our past performance in the commercial field includes working with major commercial clients, Verizon, and T-Mobile USA Inc. Our commercial clients appreciate our flexibility and direct communication. They choose to work with HighCloudTM on projects because of our ability to offer the best value for their time and needs.

We provide cost effective solutions to all shapes and sizes of commercial businesses. Our commercial clients appreciate our communication skills, flexibility, and holistic approach to IT. We know that IT services and solutions are not one size fits all, we work alongside our commercial clients to prescribe the perfect tailored solutions to their needs, to improve their business functions.

Our status as a small business offers a multitude of benefits for larger commercial clients.