Clients & Certifications

HighCloudTM has extensive experience working with government agencies on IT master contracts providing information technology consulting services and staffing services. We have over the years become familiar with government information technology best practices, standards and methodologies. We have also built an extensive capability to bid on government projects through RFP/RFP process and win projects competitively, and perform and deliver in line with government expectation and quality standards. We supported government agencies in their business transformation initiatives, lean and continuous improvement projects. At HighCloudTM, we continuously improve our service delivery processes to ensure we deliver high quality solutions to government agencies.

HighCloudTM assists government agencies in the architecture, design, development, migration, testing and implementation of agency-specific applications that involve complex regulatory and compliance rules management, and integration with multi-agency IT environments. The majority of these applications are part of business process transformation and digital revolution effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the government to meet the needs of citizens. Many opportunities exist for innovative uses of web based technologies (intra-government, e-government, ecommerce and government-citizen transactions), next generation digital service delivery platforms, legacy migration to cloud-based environments, security and other big data management/business intelligence technologies.

HighCloudTM brings extensive past performance references on the projects. Our experience working with government agencies has given us a broad understanding of the application of their processes and tools, best business practices and standards, and methodologies employed to deliver information and services. The end result is strengthened governance, broadened public participation, improved productivity, transparency and efficiency in their service delivery.